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Enviroplank or Envirochanl
tongue and groove plank attaches directly to structural framing with welding clips, self drilling screws or nails. The tongues and groves are tightly nested to provide an attractive ceiling unbroken by subpurlins. All end joints must fall over supports.


For high strength, a wide range of insulation values,
excellent nailable absorption all in one
lightweight structural roof deck panel - nothing
compares to Enviroplank\UN.

By using the unique and superior method of
“integrally bonding” the three components of
Enviroplank\UN, Lamit Industries has developed
a panel which posseses the qualities of all
three, yet structurally outperforms any one of

Besides offering a variety of insulation values
and high structural strength, Enviroplank\UN
also provides excellent acoustical absorption
and an attractive appearance to complement
any interior design.

Integral bonding is a quantum leap forward from
the days of gluing laminates with commercial
adhesives. It is the key to Enviroplank\UN’s
strength. The three components are bonded
simultaneously under electronically controlled
conditions in a fully automated process which
results in a far stronger and more uniform unit
than was ever possible using glue.

Integal bonding uses the insulation itself to bond
the Enviroplank\UN and Oriented Strand Board.
Polyisocyanurate penetrates into the smallest
pores and crevices of the Enviroplank\UN and
Oriented Strand Board. Thus, the area of the
bond exceeds the flat area of the panel and
there is no clearly discernible joint between
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