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With a capacity to produce over two million square feet per year, Lamit Industries is located in Hebron, Ohio. Lamit SIPs are high-performance building panels for floors, walls and roofs in residential and commercial buildings. Each panel is made using expanded polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two structural skins of oriented strand board (OSB). Other surfaces are also available to meet your needs. The result is a building system that is very strong, predictable, energy efficient and cost effective. 

From structural design to structural integrity, Lamit SIPs deliver quality inside and out. Lamit Industries utilizes materials from suppliers who participate in 3rd party quality assurance and testing (APA rated OSB, UL or Radco certified Expanded Polystyrene Cores and adhesive systems approved
for structural applications).

Lamit SIPs are as versatile as they are efficient. They can be custom fabricated to your specific project demands, whatever those demands may be: cathedral ceilings, unique windows, door openings and pre-cut wire chases. Lamit SIPs make each home you build a custom home

The one step simplicity of building with Lamit SIPs can eliminate the labor-intensive cost of framing, sheathing and insulating a home, via old-fashioned stick construction

Smaller Lamit SIPs can be installed using a two-man crew. This will result in lower site labor costs and loan expenses.

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